CAS DLP-50_result

Product Description

The CAS DLP-50 Thermal Label Printer is highly compatible with weighing equipment. CAS DLP-50 Thermal Label Printer is fast and has high resolution. Easy label loading and compact design. Print Barcodes and product information. Connect the CAS DLP-50 Thermal Label Printer to selected CAS Scales via the RS-232 Interface.

Label Printer Barcodes

  • Code 39/93/128/BAR
  • EAN 8/13/128
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • UPC-A/E
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CAS DLP-LR43 Freezer Quality_result

Product Description

CAS DLP-LR43 Blank Freezer Quality Thermal Label Roll. Used with the CAS DLP-50 Thermal Printer. Label Size 56 x 43mm. 500 Labels per roll. Sold individually or in a box of 20. QUANTITY : Single Roll, Box of 20
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CAS EB_result
Max Capacity: 60 ~ 150kg

Product Description

CAS EB Price Computing Scale has a large platform for easy bulk weighing. Print labels or receipts with an optional Label Printer or Receipt Printer. Total of 200 PLU’s, 24 direct & 176 indirect. Features a Daily Total Sales function, tilting display and customer rear display. Optional ES-Works software for PLU programming & label editing. AC & Rechargeable battery operation. Ideal for pre-pack areas.

EB Price Computing Floor Scale Features:

  • Trade Approved
  • 200 PLUs, 24 Direct with 176 indirect
  • Zero, Tare, Daily Total, Auto Power-Off, Low Battery Indication
  • Connect with PC or Printers via RS-232C interface
  • LCD Tilting Display with blue backlight
  • Customer Rear Display
  • AC & Rechargeable battery operation
  • Auto power-off function
  • Dust protection cover
  • Dual Interval

EB Price Computing Floor Scale Options:

  • Printer (DEP-50 Receipt / DLP-50 Label)
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CAS ECB Counting Floor Scale

Product Description

CAS ECB Digital Counting Floor Scale is easy to use and very accurate with a high internal resolution of 1/600,000. Large weighing platform for heavier & bulky items. Individually store up to 124 item’s Unit Weight for a speedy operation (24 direct keys and 100 indirect). By using the Accumulation function, users can sum up the total weight and quantity of multiple items. LCD pivot & tilting indicator. The ECB also is compatible with barcode label printers via RS-232C interface. The rechargeable battery provides portability and allows the ECB to be used in environments where there are no power outlets. Ideal within warehousing, manufacturing, packaging, and other industrial environments that require counting large items.

ECB Digital Counting Floor Scale Features:

  • Large weighing platform
  • 124 Items memory (Unit weight/Tare/Item No./Address): 24 Direct & 100 Indirect
  • High internal resolution (1/600,000)
  • External resolution (1/15,000)
  • Weight / Count preset range function with alarm beeps (HI/LO)
  • LCD display with blue backlight
  • AC & Rechargeable battery operation (AC adapter included)
  • RS-232C interface
  • Pivot & Tilting Indicator
  • Accumulation mode
  • Auto power-off function
  • Label printing capable

ECB Digital Counting Floor Scale Options:

  • Printer: DEP-50 (ticket) / DLP-50 (label)
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CAS HFS-1_result
CAPACITY : 2ton x 1kg, 3ton x 1kg PROTECTION CLASS : IP66 PLATFORM SIZE (MM) : 1.2m x 1.2m PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (MM) :  1200(W) x 1200(D) x 90(H) PRODUCT OPTIONS : Selection of Suitable CAS Indicators MATERIAL : Steel

Product Description

CAS HFS Industrial Platform Scale incorporates a light weight (but sturdy) modular steel design that makes it one third lighter in weight than most Industrial Platform Scales in its class. This Platform Scale is “legal for trade” and comes with a protected load cell cable. Choose from a range of different CAS Indicators to match your individual needs. The CAS HFS Industrial Platform Scale incorporates single pass automatic span calibration and is RFI/EMI Shielded. This Platform Scale is ideal for Pallet weighing in logistic warehouses and for Drum Weighing.

HFS Industrial Platform Scale Features:

  • Trade Approved
  • Rugged construction and heavy-duty
  • Load cell wire protected by flexible cable
  • Large platform: 1.2m x 1.2m
  • High quality powder coating & anti-skid surface
  • Waterproof (IP66)
  • Above ground or in-floor installation
  • Adjustable swivel feet
  • Low Profile – 90mm

HFS Industrial Platform Scale Options:

  • Choice of suitable CAS indicators – SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Other platform sizes available upon request only
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CAS IE-1700_result
CAS IE-1700

Crane Scale with an easy-to-read 1.2″ LED display. Zero, Tare & Hold functions. Unit Conversion. Rechargeable Battery operated. Aluminium die-cast housing. Wireless remote control.

Max Capacity: 100kg ~ 1 ton

Product Description

The CAS IE-1700 Digital Crane Scale is a light weight, portable and easy to use crane scale. Equipped with a wireless remote control function which makes operation more efficient and safe. Use in recycling or any other light industrial applications.


  • Adjustable brightness of display
  • Washdown aluminum case
  • Battery operated with low battery indication
  • High intensity hook and shackle
  • AC adapter (9V/1500mA) included
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless remote control
  • Portable compact design
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CAS NC-1_result
Max Capacity: 100 ~ 500kg

Product Description

CAS NC-1 Digital Crane Scale is a battery operated electronic crane scale. Protected by a Weatherproof Cast Aluminum Case, this crane scale is durable in any type of weather. A wireless remote control makes use anywhere easy. With the push of a button you can tare your crane scale, switch between kg/lbs, and turn your crane scale on and off. Auto Zero Tracking and Auto Span Adjustment make weighing a cinch without having to do zero tracking manually. Also use a standard AC adapter to power your crane scale without the worry of the batteries running out of power when the low battery indicator appears.


  • Battery Operated with Low Battery Indication
  • Standard AC Adapter
  • Washdown Aluminum Case
  • On / Off, Zero, Tare, and Hold Functions
  • Unit selection (kg/lb)
  • Peak Hold Function
  • Average Hold Function
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display with Backlight Feature
  • Auto Span Adjustment
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Wireless Remote Control
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CAS RW-2601P_result
CAS RW-2601P
Indicator to accompany the RW-P weighing pads. Built-in printer, clock for time/date printing. Rechargeable battey and charger. 10m Cable included and LCD display with backlight.

Product Description

CAS RW-2601P Vehicle Weighing Scale Indicator is used to connect up to 6 RW-P weighing pads. Built-in printer, clock for time/date printing. Rechargeable battery and charger. The RW-2601P Vehicle Weighing Scale Indicator comes 10m Cable and LCD display with backlight.

RW-2601P Vehicle Weighing Scale Indicator Features

  • Connect up to 6 Pads simultaneously
  • Built-in printer and rechargeable battery
  • 10m Cable
  • Connect to a PC or a Remote Display via RS-232 port
  • Large easy to read LCD display with backlight
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CAS SBA S_result
S-Type Tension Load Cell. Material: Nickel Plated Steel. Protection Class IP65. Applications: Crane and Hoppers. OIML Certified. Capacity: 50kg ~ 5ton

Product Description

The CAS SBA S-Type Load Cell is a Tension Type Load Cell. Dust & water protected. Ideal for Crane Scales & Hoppers. SB S-Type Load Cell is made from Nickel Plated Steel. Protection Class IP65. The SBA S-Type Load Cell is ideal for Crane Scales and Hoppers. Capacities range from: 50kg ~ 5ton.

SBA S-Type Load Cell Features:

  • OIML C3 approved
  • Tension type load cell
  • Protection Class IP65
  • Material: Nickel Plated Steel

SBA S-Type Load Cell Applications:

  • Crane Scales
  • Hoppers
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Product Description

CAS SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale with Counting function is suited for multipurpose environments. Battery operated & compact design for easy portability. The CAS SW-1C has a simple counting and limit function for quality product management, great for use in manufacturing, parts shops, hardware stores etc.

SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale Features:

  • Trade Approved
  • Battery Operated & Compact Design
  • Functions: On/Off, Zero, Tare, Comparator function (HI, OK, LOW), Counting Function, Unit Conversion, Auto Power-Off
  • Zero, Net, Stable, Low Battery Indication
  • Dual Range
  • Rear Display
  • Large LCD Display
  • Plastic Platter
  • Soft Touch Tack Switch
  • Dust & Splash-proof Protection Cover

SW-1C Digital Weighing Scale Options:

  • AC Adapter
  • Stainless Steel Platter – SOLD SEPERATELY
  • Stainless Steel Scoop Platter - SOLD SEPERATELY
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Waterproof scale with battery operation. Easily portable. Max Capacity: 2 ~ 30kg CAPACITY : 10kg x 2/5g, 20kg x 5/10g, 30kg x 10/20g, 5kg x 1/2g

Product Description

CAS SW-1W digital weighing scales are dust and waterproof (IP 66). Battery operated and compact design for easy portability. The CAS SW-1W is great for use in wet environments, retail or simple day-to-day operations.

SW-1W Digital Weighing Scale Features:

  • Trade Approved
  • Dust & Waterproof (IP66)
  • Battery Operated & Compact Design
  • Functions: On/Off, Zero, Tare, Auto Power-Off
  • Zero, Net, Stable, Low Battery Indication
  • Dual Range
  • Large LCD Display
  • Stainless Steel Platter
  • Soft Touch Tack Switch
  • Rear Display
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  • Only Weighing
  • RS 232 Function For Connect To Pc
  • TTL 2 Output Function For Semi Automatic Weighing System
  • Score Board Function
  • Peak Hold Function For Testing Device
  • Hi Lo Go Alarm Function For Check Weighing
  • LCD Display) (average hold function for animal weighin * High Precision A/D Conversion with readability 1/30000 * Special digital filtering technology to strenghten anti-vibration ability * Call and display inner code to rReplace weight observing and analysis tolerance * Set-up Zero Tracking Range, zero (auto/manual) Range and zero Speed * Set-up Digital Filter Intensity, Range and Stable Time * Alarm For Low Battery and Auto Power Off at Low Battery * AC/DC Power Supply with Built-in Rechargeable 6V/4Ah Battery
SPECIICATION FS-A12E :  spesification-fs-a12e  
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