Kode : -
Berat : 300 gram
Stok : Ready Stock
Kondisi : Baru
Kategori : Timbangan Penghitung/Counting
Dilihat : 10 kali
Review : Belum ada review
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Deskripsi CAS EC II

Timbangan Penghitung / Counting Scale


Features :

  • Dual channel for second scale(up to 10ton) 4 Load Cell Platfrom
  • Internal resolution 1/600,000
  • External resolution 1/30,000
  • Three backlight colors
  • Compare acount or weight
  • 10 printing formats
  • 200ea PLU(product look-up) resistor for ID items
  • Large LCD display(Height-18mm)
  • Key-command function
  • Negative counting(count out of a full container)


  1. relay
  2. External platfrom
  3. External display
  4. Ligh tower
  5. ticket printer : DEP-50
  6. Label Printer : DLP-50

Weight / Count comparason funtion with alarm beeps (HI/OK/LO)
EC-II series offer the most effiecient control solution by using a preset range for eight & count data Costomer Can preset the range of weight & count data, so the EC-II series will indicate whether the actual weight of the loaded items is out of the preset range with alarm beep sounds, The EC-II will also enable users to conduct a much faster and esier operating.

Barcode label printer DLP-50 and printer DEP-50
The scale can be connected with a barcode label or ticket printer which prints out the data, weight, unit weight, quantity, tare, gross, item number, item name(ASCII code)


 Model EC-II series      
  Capacity (g) 3000 6000 15000 30000
  Readability (g) 0.1 0.2 0.5 1
  External Resolution 1/30,000      
  Internal Resolution 1/600,000      
  Display Type LCD display      
  Weight Units g/kg      
  Tare Range Full Capacity by subtraction      
  Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C      
  Power AC adapter DC 12V / 850mA, Rechargeable battery (6V,5Ah)      
  Battery Life 80hrs continuous use with 12 hour recharge time      
  Product Weight (kg) 4.5      
  Dimensions(mm) 330(W) x 346(D) x 107(H)      
  Platter Size (mm) ABS : 304(w) x 220(D),Stainless :    

Ditambahkan pada: 16 October 2020

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