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Deskripsi CAS ECB

Counting Scale

ECB is covering from 30kg to 250kg as 1/600,000 (internal) and 1/15,000 (external) resolution and the varios uses such as manufacturing, packing and farming industries and tool shoops.
convenient operation & faster counting application.

  • Up to 124 PLUs’ storable memory space : 24 PLUs’ Direct memory key & 100 PLUs’ Indirect memory Space
  • Ticket / Label printer (Optional)
  • Chek-weight / Count with beep sounds


  • 1/15,000 External resolution, 1/600,000 Internal resolution for accurate counting
  • Storable PLU memory space ( Unit weigh / Tare / Item No. / Address No.) : 24 PLUs’ Direct key, 100 PLUs’ Indirect key
  • Chek-weight / count function with beep sounds
  • Embossed key pad for comfort pressing
  • Auto power off function for power saving
  • Ticket / Label printer interface
  • Rechargeable battery (included)
  • RS-232C interface (included)
  • AC adapter (included)
  • Dust protection cover (included)


  • Ticket printer (DEP-50)
  • Label printer (DLP-50)

High resolution for accurate counting
1/600,000 internal and 1/15,000 external resolution are enhanced for more accurate counting. ECB counting
scale is engineered for precise and high operating speed application

3 LCD displays for counting

Weight, Unit weight and Count are Clearly Shown from Three individual LCD displays.

Various outputs
ECB is possible to connect with ticket / Label printer or personal computer through RS-232C interface. Also CAS provides the label format edit program for various applications.


  Model ECB Series      
  Max. Capacity (kg) 30 75 150 250
  Readability (g) 2 5 10 20
  External resolution 1/15,000 1/5,000 1/15,000 1/12,500
  Internal resolution 1/600,000      
  Display type LCD display (backlight)      
  Weight units kg, g, lb      
  Operating temperature 0°C – 40°C      
  Power AC adapter DC 12V / 850mA,  Rechargeable battery (6V,5Ah)      
  Battery life 100hrs continuous use, With 12hrs charging time (backlight off)      
  Safe overload capacity 120% of Max. Capacity      
  Product size (mm) 500(W) x 720(D) x 760(H)      
  Platform size (mm) 400(W) x 500(D)    

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