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Deskripsi FLOOR SCALE SGW 7000SS

GSC SGW-7000SS Floor Scale

The ASIS 304 stainless steel IP67 enclosures accurate, reliable operation in harsh environments and wash down applications. The easy-to-view display with 1 inch height bright red LED display. Rugged versatility makes SGW-7000SS Series weight indicators prefect for a wide range of weighing applications, whether it’s a simple bench scale, a heavy duty scale, or even a motor truck scale. Kilograms, pounds, tons plus other weight units, along with a power supply that can operate from 90 to 250 VAC make SGW-7000SS series indicator form the world.

Weighing system Special software for forklift
Special software for lived animal

Platform Size Capacity Readability
1000 x 1000mm 500kg 0.2kg
1000 x 1000mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1200 x 1200mm 500kg 0.2kg
1200 x 1200mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1200 x 1200mm 2000kg 1kg
1200 x 1500mm 2000kg 1kg
1200 x 1500mm 3000kg 1kg
1500 x 1500mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1500 x 1500mm 2000kg 1kg
1500 x 1500mm 3000kg 1kg
1500 x 1500mm 5000kg 2kg
1500 x 2000mm 1000kg 0.5kg
1500 x 2000mm 2000kg 1kg
1500 x 2000mm 3000kg 1kg
1500 x 2000mm 5000kg 2kg
2000 x 2000mm 1000kg 0.5kg
2000 x 2000mm 2000kg 1kg
2000 x 2000mm 3000kg 1kg
2000 x 2000mm 5000kg 2kg
2000 x 3000mm 2000kg 1kg
2000 x 3000mm 3000kg 1kg
2000 x 3000mm 5000kg 2kg

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